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Installation to Openshift

You can run Botium Box on your Openshift environment and locally in Minishift.


  • A working Openshift/Minishift cluster

  • oc command

Download this Git repository to your local workstation, and enter botium-box-premium-dist

git clone
cd botium-box-premium-dist

Pre-Installation Steps

Copy the file openshift/02-configmap.yml.template to openshift/02-configmap.yml.

First create the namespace, or create the project in Minishift console:

$ oc apply -f openshift/01-namespace.yml
$ oc project botium-box

License Key

Add your Botium Box license key to openshift/02-configmap.yml

Deploy Botium Box to Openshift cluster

Botium Box deployment is only one command:

$ oc apply -f openshift

This takes some time for downloading docker images, initializing storage etc.

In order to install optional components for Security Testing and NLP Testing:

$ oc apply -f openshift/optional

You can use this command to check the deployment status:

$ oc get pods

All pods should be in state Running.

Botium Box Agent Configuration

If your license includes more than one Botium Box Agent, you can increase the replicas count in the file openshift/06-box.yml (for the box-agent StatefulSet) and run the oc apply -f openshift command again.

Or you can use the oc scale command to increase the Botium Box Agent count:

oc scale --replicas=5 statefulset box-agent

Using Botium Box

First you have to expose the box-server service route:

$ oc expose svc/box-server

Use this command to show the IP Address or URL of your Botium Box:

oc get svc

The column External-IP for the box-server LoadBalancer shows the IP Address or URL to copy & paste to your Browser to launch Botium Box


Opening Box in default browser:

$ minishift openshift service box-server --in-browser

Updating Botium Box

When there are Botium Box updates, there are new Docker images available or maybe additional configuration parameters in the Openshift files.

First, pull the newest changes from the Git repository to your local workstation.

Run this command to apply the changes to the Openshift cluster:

$ oc apply -f openshift