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Setup and Configuration

Enterprise projects deserve Enterprise testing. The following features will shift your testing on a new level:

Enterprise Connectors

Already the Community Edition of Botium Box supports a big variety of connectors and common technologies. In addition, you’ll get connectors for testing RASA or Ubitec bots in the Enterprise Edition. Also a custom connector to your own chatbot technology would be covered here.

General Datasets

Writing tests is very time consuming. No matter in which domain your bot is operating, it will need some general skills. Therefore Smalltalk is a good example. In the Enterprise Edition you get various general datasets in different languages providing thousands of conversations out of the box.

Predefined Testenvironments

Diversity and fragmentation are serious challenges. Test your bot on different platforms, operating systems, devices, browser, versions, …

(Real) Device Cloud Integration

Run your tests on multiple real devices in parallel. Saucelabs and Experitest are two providers we support.

Bug Export

Filing bugs is a lot of work. Simply export all the issues found to Jira or as csv to any other bug tracker.

Test Versioning

Do we make backups of your testsets? We go even further. We believe that also testsets and testcases have to be versioned. Therefore we have built a complete GIT integration into Botium Box Enterprise.


You are cloud ready? We are too. Botium Box Enterprise is available as Software as a Service from the AWS marketplace. Setting up Botium Box is easy as adding an item to a shopping card.

Performance/Stress Testing

How much stress can your bot take? Let’s find it out! With Botium Box Enterprise we ship Performance and Stress Testing. In depth reports will highlight the bottlenecks in your system.

Security Testing

Continuous security testing is a must. Based on OWASP standards, Botium will check all communication sent to your bot for vulnerabilities.

Humanification Testing

A very common problem of many bots. They cannot handle typical errors made by humans. Botium could train them and adds a humanification layer on top of every testset you would like.

Technical Contact

Having a personal contact is very important. Your Botium SPOC is ready for your questions via phone, eMail and chat.

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