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Botium Logic Hooks

Installation to Botium Box is very similar to Botium Asserters.

Usage in BotiumScript

The magic word for a logic hook can be used in BotiumScript. In this sample, the logic hook SET_SCRIPTING_MEMORY is used with two parameters:


For more information see Botium Docs


When using Botium Box, BotiumScript can be used as well in the test case editor.

Usage in Botium Box

In the Botium Box Convo Editor, logic hooks can be added to the conversation steps.

  1. Navigate to to Test Cases section in the test set

  2. In the convo editor, click the conversation step to open up the convo step editor

  3. Click the Add Logic Hook button to bring up the selection list of the availabler logic hooks

  4. Fill in the parameters for the logic hook if required

That’s it, now the logic hook is part of your test script. Click the Open in Source Editor button to show the BotiumScript for your test case.