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Step 2: Prepare Test Set for Voice Testing

In Botium, there is nothing special about a Test Set for Voice Testing compared to a Test Set for usual text-based testing. You can even mix voice test cases with text test cases in one Test Set.

There is only one thing to do: telling Botium Box the base folder where it will lookup and place all audio files for this test set.


You can create subfolders of your choice later.

You can select a folder in the Settings section, Media Resource Settings subsection.


We are talking about server-side folders here, not folders from your workstation (unless you are running Botium Box on your workstation of course)

We suggest to create a meaningful folder structure for your test sets. Depending on your use case, you can for example have a structure by test set language like:

  • Botium Box

    • testsets

      • language1

        • test set 1

        • test set 2

      • language 2

        • test set 1

You can use the File Browser in the System Settings to do typical file system manipulation tasks like

  • create or rename folders

  • move folders and files

  • delete folders and files


There is nothing like a Recycle Bin here, so use it wisely.

Now that your test set is ready, let’s create a first test case - Step 3: Prepare or Record Audio Samples