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Step 1: Connect Botium Box to Your Voice Bot

Botium Box supports all relevant Conversational AI technologies available, and upcoming technologies are added to the platform within weeks. There are more than 30 different Botium Connectors available right now, including adaptable generic connectors for custom Conversational AI APIs.

Voice Testing is supported for all technologies that can

  • either receive an audio stream
  • respond with an audio stream
  • or both

Technologies that can work with audio streams are amongst others:

  • Alexa Voice Service for testing Alexa skills
  • Amazon Lex
  • Google Dialogflow

To connect your Conversational AI to Botium Box, go to the Chatbots section, click on Register New Chatbot and select the Botium Connector for your technology.

Depending on the choosen technology, you have to provide Botium with endpoint addresses, keys or secrets and additional technology specific information.

To check connectivity click the Say Hello button - this will send a dummy text (“Hello”) to your Conversational AI and print the result. There typically is a welcome message or a greeting intent shown.

Save the chatbot settings.