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Howto Import Botium Samples

Import Samples

To import samples into Botium Box, use the Import function in the Settings section - it can be used to import correctly formatted ZIP-Files, NDF-Files and JSON-Files containing samples for Botium usage.

You can either:

  • Download the file and upload it here - maybe you received the file by email from us - and afterwards click the Import From File button

  • Or if you just got a download URL (pointing directly to the file to import), you can use the Import From URL button

Github Repository

In our public Github repository you can find several samples for Botium Box connectors, scripting and more. Those samples are refered to in the corresponding documentation pages here in this Wiki as well, to give context to the samples.


See here how to get the raw download URL for files hosted on Github - you have to use the raw download URLs for importing them into Botium Box!