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Step 7: Validate Improvements

Now repeat Step 3: Start a Test Session on Botium Box - launch another test session on Botium Box with your refined and retrained NLP model to find out if your changes have resulted in any improvement.

Botium Coach offers the option to combine the visualization of two test sessions. Select the previous test session in the Secondary Test Session box on the top to overlay the test sessions.

In the combined visualization, the Uptrending/Downtrending section shows a list of intents with improved results (and the opposite).

In the charts, the previous test session will be shown in the background with slightly lighter colors to immediately see the differences and (hopefully) the improvements.

The Training Progress box shows the plain numbers and the trend.

The list views are extended with the previous test session results as well.

Don’t be surprised to see positive or negative effect on intents or entities you didn’t work on - when we clarify intents with augmented training data it can clarify other (overlapping) intents as well.


When using training data for testing, we recommend you repeat the whole process until all your intents have a score of at least 75%. An awesome NLP model will score around 90-95%.