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Step 6: Training your NLU engine

For your convenience and for fast feedback cycles, Botium Box brings a Test Case Wizard for uploading training data from Botium Box to your NLU engine of choice and start the training process.

Use the Test Case Wizard for Training

In the Test Case Wizard you can select the Botium dataset you augmented in the last step and upload the user examples to your NLU engine of choice. Depending on the provider there are different options available. For example, if using IBM Watson you have to choose

  • if you want Botium to initialize a blank workspace

  • or if you want Botium to copy an existing workspace and extend it with user examples

  • or if you want Botium to add user examples to an existing workspace

For Rasa, Botium Box generates the native Rasa training data format ( - you have to copy this file to your Rasa instance and start the training manually.

Manually Training your NLU Engine

You can also export the whole Botium dataset as single ZIP file and use it to train your NLU engine.