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Step 5: Annotate and Augment Training Dataset

As you have now identified some issues in your NLU performance it is time to augment the training data to improve the NLU performance.


This step only applies if you used the Test Case Wizard to download the full training data from your NLU engine in the previous step of this tutorial. Otherwise you will have to apply the changes to your training data in your NLU engine itself - here are links to the documentation of some of the supported providers:

With the help of Botium Coach you now have decided what actions to take - in general, there are three possible actions to augment your training data:

  • Add additional user examples for specific intents

  • Remove user examples from intents

  • Move user examples from one intent to the other

You can use the Botium Box Test Case Designer to perform these actions.

Use Paraphraser to Generate New User Examples

Botium Box includes a paraphraser to quickly generate new user examples based on given ones. After adding a handful of user examples to the utterance list, click on the Paraphrase it! button to get a couple of suggestions for additional user examples and select the ones you want to use.

Before using the Paraphraser, you have to configure the Paraphraser API Key in the Botium Box System Settings.

The result is a big number of additional similar user examples to use for further training.

Read more about the Botium Box Paraphraser here.