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Step 3: Start a Test Session on Botium Box

In the previous steps we connected Botium Box with your NLU engine and prepared the test dataset. In this step we will start the first test session.

Open the Quickstart menu in Botium Box, enter a name for the test project and select the chatbot from the list.

In the next step, select the test set you prepared in the previous step, or one of the included Botium datasets.

On the final step of the Quickstart Wizard, check the Enable NLP Analytics with Botium Coach option and click the Save And Start Testing button to launch the first test session.

After a few minutes, the test session will be finished and you can continue to open the test session results in Botium Coach.

It is as simple as that! Botium Coach will now analyze the performance of your test data with your NLP engine. And now we are coming to the coolest part - reading the charts and hints in the Botium Coach Dashboard - continue to the next step!