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Connect to Azure DevOps Repos

You can use Azure DevOps Repos as Git Repository for persisting your Test Set scripts.

After creating a new repository, open the Clone Repository viewin Azure DevOps Repos and click on Get Credentials.

Select an Alias for your username and a password.

In the Botium Box, open your test set and click on Register Git Repository.

Enter the Git Clone Url from the Clone Repository view in the Azure DevOps repository. Git User and Git Password as selected.


As Git User you can use your Azure username or the Alias from the Clone Repository view.


Configuration of Git User and Git Password is only available starting from Botium Box 1.5. For Botium Box up to 1.4, you can add Git User and Git Password to the Git Clone Url: <https://<username>:<password>> (if using any special characters in the username, you will have to url encode them - just use a character-and-letters-only alias and password to be on the safe side).