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Can I use Sharepoint to manage my test cases ?

Scenario: you are using Excel files hosted in Sharepoint for writing Botium test cases

Solution: register the Sharepoint link in Botium Box as Download Link

Create a Sharepoint App Registration (see here) and add JSON with clientId and clientSecret attributes here. Assign read permissions.

Create a Sharepoint App Registration

  1. See here how to create a Sharepoint app registration
  2. Take note of the client id and the client secret

Register Download Link in Botium Box

  • In your Test Set, navigate to Linked Test Case Repositories and click on Register Download Link
  • Copy&Paste the sharepoint link. It has the form:
  https://*mysharepoint**mysite*/Shared Documents/*My Botium Excel.xlsx*
  • Enter your client id and client secret and click on SET SHAREPOINT CLIENT HEADERS to generate the JSON headers
  • Click on SAVE
  • You can now test the credentials by clicking DOWNLOAD
  • By using FETCH FILE CONTENT Botium Box will try to download the file and evaluate if it contains Botium content.



Botium Box will download the latest file content on each test execution automatically.