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Does Botium Box store the test data secure, reliable and long-term ?

Botium Box uses a MySQL-compatible relational database. On deployment, Botium Box includes it’s own MySQL database by default.

There is no management interface, no backup mechanism, no data recovery mechanism in place by default. You have to take care yourself.

If you have your own database infrastructure, you can easily replace the included MySQL database with your own MySQL-compatible database.


While it would be technically possible to replace the included Prisma service with a your own hosted Prisma service, either on-premise or in the cloud, we don’t recommend it (and we don’t support such replacements).

Here are some examples for MySQL compatible databases you can use:

In either setup, for connection Botium Box to your MySQL database, you need connection information:

  • Hostname and Port (default: 3306)

  • Username and Password

Edit the DATABASE_URL environment variable in your config map when using Kubernetes deployment, or in your docker-compose file if using Docker deployment:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: botium-box-configmap
  namespace: botium-box
    name: config
    app: botium-box
  DATABASE_URL: mysql://root:prisma@mysql:3306/box@prod2
  BOTIUMBOX_QUEUE_REDISURL: redis://redis:6379