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I am behind a corporate proxy, can I use Botium Box ?


Setting Corporate Proxy for Botium Box Installation

For installation you have to make sure that Docker is using your proxy for downloading the images from Dockerhub - see here.

Setting Corporate Proxy for Botium Box Usage

When installation of Botium Box is ready, the proxy settings can be controlled by environment variables:




See *here for details*

Add the environment variables to the Botium services in the docker-compose file:

    image: botium/botium-box-ce:2.6.1
      HTTP_PROXY: https://my-company-proxy.internal
      HTTPS_PROXY: https://my-company-proxy.internal
      NO_PROXY: redis,prisma


Depending on the Botium Box distribution, there are more than one Botium services in the docker-compose file. Do the same for all services using an image starting with botium/


The NO_PROXY is important so Botium Box doesn’t use the corporate proxy to connect to internal services.

If your corporate proxy is using a self-signed certificate, you have to additionally set the environment variable NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED to 0 to make Node.js (and Botium Box) to ignore the SSL errors.