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How can I inspect detailed test case logs in Botium Box ?

There are situations where your test cases are failing, but you cannot see the reason why this is happening from the test results. It would be handy to get some more insights what’s happening there.

Download the Transcript

In the Downloads section of the test session, it is possible to get the full transcript of the test session as JSON or CSV file.

It contains the full detailed transcript from the test session (and it can get pretty large in file size).

  • test result

  • all test cases

    • … with result

    • … and with all conversation steps

      • … with user input

      • … or with expected response

      • … and actual response

Inspect Botium Core Logs

If you still have troubles understanding what’s going on, it is possible to run a test session in Debug Mode to see the Botium Core output line by line. Use the Start Debug Test Session Now button.

In the Test Session Jobs section of the Test Session view, there is the progress of each background processing job shown (see I want to run tests in parallel - how do I do this ?).

Click on a job to open up the log output view.

By scrolling down and clicking on Read More you can open the full log output in a separate window.