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Using the Botium Box GraphQL API

Botium Box is exposing a GraphQL API. It can be used by developers to programmatically do everything you can do with the Botium Box web client:

  • compose test cases and test suites

  • configure chatbot capabilities

  • work with device sets and Selenium capabilities


For test case execution and reporting, the CI/CD integration API is the better choice for developers.

Launching the GraphQL Playground

Botium Box includes the GraphQL Playground for exploring and testing the API. It can be accessed by adding the /playground suffix to your Botium Box web client URL: http://my-botium-box/playground


The API is secured, you have to use a Botium Box API Key to connect - you can find the API Keys in the Settings section of the Botium Box.


You need the API Key, not the API Key Name!

In the GraphQL Playground, add an APIKEY query parameter to the URL:

Now you can compose your GraphQL queries and mutations.

Botium Box API Objects

The objects exposed over the API are the same as exposed in the web client.

  • Test Projects

  • Test Results

  • Test Sets

  • Chatbots (and capabilities)

  • Device Sets

There are queries for single objects and lists of objects available, as well as mutations for CRUD operations.