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Botium Extension Points for Developers

Task Botium Extension Point Further Information
I want to connect Botium with my self-developed chatbot. - Customize one of the generic Botium connectors
- Develop your own Botium connector
Depending on your technology:
- Use the Generic HTTP/JSON Connector
- Use the Generic Websocket Connector
- Use the Generic
- Howto develop your own HTTP/JSON Botium Connector
- Howto develop your own Botium Connector
My chatbot is sending custom data items in the response which I want to verify. - JSON-Path Asserter
- Develop your own Botium asserter
I have some data items in a custom API which I want to verify on a Botium test case. - HTTP API Asserter
- Database Asserters
- Develop your own Botium asserter
As part of a Botium test case I have to make additional calls to a custom API. - HTTP Logic Hook
- Develop our own Botium logic hook
As part of a Botium test case I have to check if the user received an E-Mail or SMS. - Email Inbox Asserter
- SMS Inbox Asserter
I have to use a custom token for authentication in my test cases. - Implementing Token-Based Authentication for Test Cases