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Botium Core vs Botium Box - What is My Choice ?

Botium Core Botium Box
What is it ? A tool for automated testing of chatbots A solution for holistic testing of chatbots in an enterprise infrastructure
Who is it for ? Techies, Developers, Test Automation Engineers Developers, Data Scientists, Chatbot Designers, Test Automation Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Operations, Marketing, Project Owners, …
How do you use it ? Command line interface, Developer APIs User interface in Webbrower
Test Strategies and Test Levels
Supported Technologies See Botium Connectors See Botium Connectors
Regression Tests Yes Yes
Load and Stress Tests No Yes
NLP Testing and Optimization No Yes
Security Testing No Yes
GDPR Testing No Yes
E2E Testing Partially Yes
Voice Testing Partially Yes
Deployment On-Premise CLI On-Premise
CI/CD Pipeline Integration CLI CLI Webhooks for Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, and more
Support Options
Community Forum Yes Yes
Enterprise Support Plan No Yes