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Botium Box Ultimate

The Ultimate Edition of Botium Box is the favourite choice of test experts. The "all-round, carefree package" of Botium Box adds the following features on top of the Enterprise Edition:

Domain Specific Datasets

Botium Box Ultimate comes with predefined Datasets for various chatbot domains. Save time designing and writing conversations.


Mandatory tests are covered by Botium. Making transactions, accessing financial informations and managing budgets...


Account management, billing related queries, plan change requests. Botium makes sure that your bot can handle that...

Customer Support

85% of all customer support requests can be clustered into less than 10 questions. Botium knows them by heart...


The Concierge is digital now. Botium tests if the virtual assistant could answer your questions and stays always polite...

Real Estate

Real estate agent bots must be online 24/7. Botium could keep track of them and their search results produced...

Unlimited Parallel Testing

Running tests produces load. To distribute the load, Botium comes with so called Botium Agents. In Botium Box Ultimate you can have as many of this Botium Agents as you like. Meaning that the load will be distributed and your test execution time will decrease.

Multiple Botium Agents are a precondition for running tests in parallel and doing stress- or performance testing.

GDPR Testing

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. Together with leading lawyers from GEISTWERT we developed a state of the art dataset to proof if your bot is GDPR ready.

Multitenant Support

With a single instance of Botium Box Ultimate you can serve multiple tenants. Each tenant shares the same Botium infrastructure but the data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.

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