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Roadmap: Botium Box Future

This document shows notes for current and past releases, notes on current development efforts and the general Botium Box roadmap for the next 3–6 months and beyond.

Next To Come: Insights into the Botium Box Backlog

What we are currently working on:

  • Tracking users and record changes in Botium Box so you always know what user wrote the awesome test scripts
  • Increased test failure traceability by storing and comparing snapshots of the underlying conversation model on each test run
  • Live Chatbot monitoring and analytics
  • Testing-As-A-Service - hire the Botium exports for doing the chatbot testing for you\, so you do not loose time building expertise in-house
  • NLP-Analytics-As-A-Service - send us your data and we will do the NLP analytics for you\, so you know what chatbot engine performs best with your data
  • Botium Academy - educating the chatbot testing experts of tomorrow

Roadmap: Botium Box Future

We are working on Botium Box v3. There won’t be a “big bang”, but in the next 3–6 months we will constantly improve Botium Box v2, amongst others with:

  • Enterprise Single-Sign-On with SSAML
  • Enhanced IVR testing on all local landlines
  • Voice testing in all languages with accents and dialects
  • End-2-End-Testing on real hardware devices
  • Additional test types (fuzz testing, IVR testing, ...)
  • Enhanced clustering and load balancing for high-profile-test-automation

For the next 1–2 years, we are constantly adding ideas to our roadmap from one of the following topics:

  • Automating the test automation — generate test cases from existing test cases by using linguistic algorithms, word synonym lists, markov chains and more
  • Add integrations and support for newcomers and established chatbot technologies
  • Cooperation with universities (TU Wien)