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2022–02-16: Botium Box v2.13.1

AI-assisted Test Generator and Paraphraser

Botium Box now includes an AI-assisted Test Generator and Paraphraser - see it in action in this short screencast and learn what it can do for you.

Voice Testing

Our Botium Speech Processing platform is growing and growing in features - we added support for Amazon Polly, Amazon Transcribe and Azure Speech. Building a Continuous Testing pipeline for speech services is now a piece of cake with our batch voice synthesizer and test set generator - all you need is plain text or a bunch of pre-recorded audio files.

Test Execution

For the test automation engineers out there, we added some additional options requested by the community:

  • For each test set you can now decide to skip assertion errors and let Botium continue the test case until it reaches the end (enable it in the Scripting Settings)
  • For those using chatbot technologies with API quotas in place, it is now possible to enforce those quotas per second, per minute and per hour (and in combination) - see Retry & Quotas in the Chatbot settings
  • With our new Test Metrics it is possible to specify and assert pre-defined and even custom metrics on test session level

Other Botium Connector Features

We updated some of our Botium Connectors to download and upload the NLU model for quicker NLU testing:

  • Dialogflow CX
  • Cognigy
  • Inbenta

And some more news: * Our Generic connector is now configurable with JSONPath and Scripting snippets to be applied to all possible custom endpoints * Our Generic HTTP/Json connector now supports carousel cards