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2021–12-20: Botium Box v2.12.0

Performance Testing

We bring you new Performance Testing!

Voice Testing

We extended our Botium Speech Processing platform with customization and batch processing options.

  • It is now possible to use your own cloud service for speech recogniction and speech synthesis (Google, IBM, ...)
  • You can even plug in your own customized language models if your platform of choice supports it
  • Build your own voice effect pipeline from a library of basic humanification effects
  • Build voice test sets for regression testing the word error rate (WER)
  • Batch-convert a voice test set to apply real-life noise effects
  • ... and more to come in the next release

Extended Logging (On-Premise)

It is now possible to turn on JSON logging for our On-Premise clients.

Other Botium Connector Features

  • Our Teneo Connector now supports V6 of the platform
  • We updated our Cognigy Connector to support buttons, cards and carousels
  • We updated our Inbenta Connector to support NLU testing