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2021–11-08: Botium Box v2.11.0

New Persistancy Layer

We finally made the switch from Prisma 1 to Prisma 2, which after all means a heavy performance boost for all Botium Box installations!

For existing On-Premise installations, this means some additional Botium Box Migration Steps.

Extended Botium Crawler with requested features

Thanks to our users feedback, we added some awesome new capabilities to our Botium Crawler:

  • The Crawler will detect closed loops in the conversations
  • The Crawler can optionally send an email notification when it is ready
  • Optionally the Crawler won't split Convos and Utterances - might make sense in some environments

New Matching Mode "Wildcard Exact"

You need a wildcard matching in your test cases, but still won't accept substring matching with them ? The new matching mode is for you.

Move/Copy Test Cases

It is now possible to move or copy test case scripts to other test sets.

New Botium Connectors

We now support several new chatbot technologies:

  • Liveperson
  • Amazon Lex V2

Other Botium Connector Features

  • Botium Box now supports the Rasa YAML format for importing/exporting test and training data
  • Our E2E Voice Testing with Perfecto is now integrated with Perfecto Reporting
  • Our Generic Websocket Connector can now be configured fine-grained with session setup payload
  • Our E2E Selenium Testing now supports asserting on carousel cards
  • Our Dialogflow Essentials and the Dialogflow CX connectors now support query parameters