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2021–09-27: Botium Box v2.10.2


We not only added a little eye-candy to the new Botium Box Quickstart, but also better integration with the Botium Crawler.


Change Test Project Essential Settings

Botium Box now allows to change Test Project settings like Chatbot, Test Sets and Device Sets. Use with care, it could result in hard breaks in your test case history!


User Role Management

While Botium Box comes pre-configured with best-practice user roles for test automation, there might be situations where the pre-configured set of permissions or roles is not sufficient. It is now possible to change the pre-configured permissions and create new user roles from scratch.



Botium Box now supports standardized healtchecks via Liveness/Readiness probes, preconfigured in the Helm charts

Other Test Management New Features

  • The Botium Box File Browser now has filter and sort options so you can find your files quicker
  • It is now possible to change or add environment-specific chatbot capabilities on the Test Project level
  • All flow charts will remember last view

Connector / Botium Core News

Botium Box includes now Botium Core 1.11.14, and we added some requested features to our existing connectors.

It is now possible to set the initial Dialogflow and IBM Watson context variables from Botium Box: image.png


We added helpers to the Generic HTTP/JSON connector configuration * HTTP Basic Authenticiation * Insert Scripting and Session Variables * Custom HTTP response parsing image.png