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2021–08-24: Botium Box v2.9.1


Our new Botium Box Quickstart allows a quicker selection of test types, tailored to the chosen technology.


It will do the tedious setup work for you, building a totally fresh test suite with a few clicks.


Botium Crawler

We have invested quite some work into the Botium Crawler - see here for an overview.

End-2-End-Testing - Device Configuration

  • Botium Box now allows to do fine-grained Selenium/Appium capability configuration for your End-2-End-Testing efforts.
  • Also, the Botium Box Live Chat can now be used to record a chatbot conversation within your Smartphone app.


Test Case Management

  • It is now possible to use Sharepoint for test case management
  • Our Google Sheets integration has been optimized to reduce the needed API calls


  • Several Performance enhancements for a clustered environment (SaaS and On-Premise)
  • For OpenShift support, reducing all write-access out of the container - see PRISMA_HOME

Connector / Botium Core News

  • Includes Botium Core 1.11.12
  • Our Dialogflow CX Connector now supports Parameters
  • Inbenta Connector v3
  • Voice Connector for voice-only testing on smartphone devices
  • Chatlayer Connector now with intent/entity resolution