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2021–04-12: Botium Box v2.8.7 is out

Introducing Botium Crawler

Instead of writing the test cases yourself, let the new Botium Crawler do the main work of detecting the conversation flow and keep your tests up-to-date with the chatbot capabilities.

  • Traverses the chatbot conversation tree automatically and creates test cases out of it

  • Detects quick replies and buttons to trigger follow-up conversation steps

  • Supports open-ended questions with customizable and reusable answers

  • Exit crawling when a dead-end or conversation end is reached

Conversation Flow Chart

Get a better overview of the conversation flows in your test set with the new flow chart view.

Partial Convos

With partial convos it is possible to reuse parts of a convo in multiple places. For software engineers, partial convos provide modularization and separation of concerns.

Term Importance Insights

See the most important words by NLU intent in your test- or training-data in the Term Importance Heat Map

Includes Botium Core 1.11.1