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2021–01-28: Botium Box v2.8.4 is out

Voice App Testing

Finally, Botium Box is coming with all you need to test your voice applications

Record your voice in the Botium Box Live Chat and have a verbal chat with your chatbot. Naturally, the recorded audio files are then part of your test sets.

In case you don’t want to use your own voice, use the new Voice Synthesis in the Voice Wizard to build your voice test set.

Add voice effects to your recordings or synthesized voice files to test your voice interface under various realistic conditions:

  • Various levels of background noise

  • Bad connection or recording quality

  • Low bandwidth technology like GSM phone call

Testing Chatbots Embedded in Smartphone Apps

We extended our platform support with testing chatbots embedded in Smartphone Apps. Can also be used for testing Whatsapp bots. See here.

New NLP Insights on Single Utterance Level

You can find out why certain user inputs don’t yield the results you expected with our new Utterance Insights view.

Assertions on SMS and Emails

New Connectors

Includes Botium Core 1.11.0