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2020–09-13: Botium Box v2.7 is out

With Botium Box 2.7 we focused on hardening Botium Box and reduce security risks. Together with a customer we performed some very picky penetration tests and fixed all of the findings. Furthermore, following up on community requests we published two new Botium connectors - Salesforce Einstein and Oracle Digital Assistant are now supported by Botium Core and Botium Box!

Includes Botium Core 1.9.11

  • Merged several features and pull requests from our awesome community and fixed some bugs

  • Includes updates of our Botium Connectors

Hardened Botium Box

Together with one of our customers we performed a penetration test and fixed all of the findings.

  • Botium Box is validating uploaded file on mimetype and content level

  • Login token livetime is configurable and managed server-side

  • Botium Box is not vulnerable for various hacking techniques such as XSS- and account-enumeration

New Connector: Salesforce Einstein

New Connector: Oracle Digital Assistant

Performance Testing

Botium Box is now taking an additional measure when doing performance tests: in addition to measuring the duration of test cases, the average rate of failing convos is now taking into account to shorten the runtime of a performance test. Whenever a given rate is exceeded, the system is considered to be broke and the test run is finished.

Rasa Compatibility

Botium Box now supports the Rasa Markdown format out-of-the-box.