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2020–06-24: Botium Box v2.6 ready

With Botium Box 2.6 we are introducing a totally new product “Botium Coach” for advanced NLU analytics. Around this new product we made a deeper integration with the chatbot engine providers to download and import training and test data based on their conversation model into Botium Box - and update the conversation model from the augmented data in Botium Box. We have 70+ predefined test sets in Botium Box and added options for translation, humanification, paraphrasing and test set splitting - tools needed by everyone working on chatbots.

Apart from that, we recently partnered with Perfectolabs to provide cloud-based E2E testing, we partnered with Artificial Solutions an their Teneo platform and Ubitec with their Ubitec Bot Framework.

New Documentation and Tutorials:

Includes Botium Core 1.9.6

  • Merged several features and pull requests from our awesome community.

  • Includes updates of our Botium Connectors for IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Alexa Skill Managements API and Rasa

Officially Launched: NLU/NLP Analytics with Botium Coach

Botium Box now includes Botium Coach providing tools and statistics for NLU/NLP analytics.

  • Intent and entity confidence analytics

  • Confusion Matrix with Precision/Recall analytics

  • Confidence Threshold Optimizer

  • Test/Training data augmentation, translation, paraphrasing

  • … and many more, see Botium Coach / NLP Analytics and our new Website section

Test Sets, Test Case Wizard and Data Augmentation

  • Botium Box now includes 70+ predefined test sets for various domains in various languages

    • Smalltalk, Banking, Insurance, Travel, …

    • English, German, Spanish, Chinese …

  • Our new Test Case Wizard can download conversation models from IBM Watson, QnAMaker, Rasa, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex and more to Botium Box to provide a kick-start into Botium Coach analytics and test data augmentation

  • Test Case Wizard can update the conversation model in IBM Watson, QnAMaker, Rasa, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex and more with data from Botium Box

  • The Transformation Wizard can now be used for test set humanification (see )

  • The Transformation Wizard can translate your test set into other languages (currently: Google Translate - enter your Google credentials in the System Settings first)

  • The Transformation Wizard can split your Botium Box data into training data and test set by random (select percentages)

  • Botium Box does a static analysis of your test sets and points out any issues or possible troubles.

  • Botium Box also analyzes your Excel sheets and Google sheets upfront.

E2E Testing

Botium Connector Support

To provide better overview Botium Box now shows a technology icon or a custom avatar for all of your registered chatbot connectors.

Test Case Designer

We heard your voices: As simple as BotiumScript is, for non-technical Botium Box users we now include a visual test case designer - and, to be honest, now we don’t want to go back to the text-based editor ourselves!

And you can immediately check the test case by sending it ad-hoc to your chatbot:

Test Case Management

We made some huge progress regarding test case management.

  • Botium Box now supports on-the-fly JSON structure conversions so you can use your own JSON files with Botium Box without prior transformations

  • For short question/answer style test cases, Botium Box can now handle utterances lists as test cases

  • On the Test Set Dashboard, Botium Box now gives a better overview of the contents of the test cases and utterances lists

  • Botium Box can now import speficiations from the famous API testing tools Postman and Postwoman to make it easier to configure Botium for custom HTTP/JSON endpoints


  • Botium Box Dashboard shows latest news, articles and tutorials from the Botium makers

  • Botium Box now has dashboards for test projects, test sets and chatbots to show everything important on one screen

    • Test sessions attached to chatbots, test projects or test sets

    • Last test results in overview lists

    • Detail views with statistics

  • And it makes most common actions available on one click

Voice App Testing

Botium Box includes tools to make voice app testing easy:

  • Upload test case audio files to Botium Box with the File Browser

  • Organize the audio files in media directories by test case

  • Send all audio files for a test case to the chatbot connector with a single test script

    • Supported for Dialogflow, Lex, Directline and others

Monitoring and Notifications

  • Botium Box now includes a crontab-based scheduler for regularily running your test projects

  • Notifications can be sent out via email or with our brand-new Zapier component!