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2020–05-10: Botium Box v2.5 ready

With Botium Box 2.5, we invested quite some effort to make Botium Box attractive for non-technical users: We now have a visual test case designer, and several dashboards available for convenience throughout the whole application. We integrated Botium Box with Perfectolabs cloud device farm. And Botium Coach is now included by default.

New Documentation and Tutorials:

Includes Botium Core 1.9.5

Merged several features and pull requests from our awesome community.

NLU/NLP Analytics with Botium Coach

Botium Box now includes Botium Coach providing tools and statistics for NLU/NLP analytics.

  • Intent and entity confidence analytics

  • Confusion Matrix with Precision/Recall analytics

  • Confidence Threshold Optimizer

  • … and many more, see Botium Coach / NLP Analytics

E2E Testing

  • We partnered with Perforce to bring the Perfectolabs device cloud and smart reporting into Botium Box.

  • Headless Chrome is now bundled with Botium Box

  • Botium now supports simulation of HTML button clicks in addition to text input/output

Botium Connector Support

To provide better overview Botium Box now shows a technology icon or a custom avatar for all of your registered chatbot connectors.

Test Case Designer

We heard your voices: As simple as BotiumScript is, for non-technical Botium Box users we now include a visual test case designer - and, to be honest, now we don’t want to go back to the text-based editor ourselves!

And you can immediately check the test case by sending it ad-hoc to your chatbot:

Test Case Management

We made some huge progress regarding test case management.

  • Botium Box now supports on-the-fly JSON structure conversions so you can use your own JSON files with Botium Box without prior transformations

  • For short question/answer style test cases, Botium Box can now handle utterances lists as test cases

  • On the Test Set Dashboard, Botium Box now gives a better overview of the contents of the test cases and utterances lists


  • Botium Box now has dashboards for test projects, test sets and chatbots to show everything important on one screen

    • Test sessions attached to chatbots, test projects or test sets

    • Last test results in overview lists

    • Detail views with statistics

  • And it makes most common actions available on one click

Voice App Testing

Botium Box includes tools to make voice app testing easy:

  • Upload test case audio files to Botium Box with the File Browser

  • Organize the audio files in media directories by test case

  • Send all audio files for a test case to the chatbot connector with a single test script

    • Supported for Dialogflow, Lex, Directline and others

Zapier Integration

Integrate Botium Box into your own workflows with our brand-new Zapier component!