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2020–01-22: Botium Box v2.2 ready

With Botium Box 2.2, we put the focus on supporting multimedia and dynamic content as well as interactive forms within the Live Chat. Most chatbots out there are not fully text based but also have buttons to click, text fields to fill out and sounds to play, and Botium Box attributes to this by supporting this kind of content now natively.

We are approaching our Botium-Box-As-A-Service-Offer quickly and worked on making Botium Box even more cloud-friendly - which will not only benefit our own SaaS-Offer, but also for more easy On-Premise-Deployments.


With Botium Box 2.2 we updated our storage backend Prisma to the latest version. When coming from a previous Botium Box version, you will have to run data migration

  • this won’t be done automatically. Don’t worry, your data is safe. During the data migration, an additional full database backup is done.

New Documentation and Tutorials:

Includes Botium Core 1.8.1

Together with the community we implemented several important conversation testing features, for example additional text asserters and automatic detection of Botium content in Excel worksheets.

Conversational AI Testing

We built an asserter for validating the presence of form fields in the chatbot response, especially with regards of Adaptive Card content - the de-facto standard for delivering dynamic forms within chatbots. Botium Box Live Chat fully support showing Adaptive Card content, including form input and navigation.

NLU/NLP and Analytics

  • We prepared a Github repository as kickstart for your own NLU/NLP benchmarking projects.
  • The Botium CLI can now split your data into training set and test set and do the proper validations with it.

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