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2019–12–06: Botium Box v2.1 published

Now that Botium Box 2.0 was ready, we had the time to implement plenty of features you, the appreciated Botium community, asked for.

For testing voice apps we published an entirely new Open Source product called Botium Speech Processing, which is a free alternative to cloud services like Amazon Polly or Google Cloud Speech. It is a full-blown Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech service based on the best Open Source products and models available.

We are going more into the NLP analytics direction with our brand-new K-Fold Cross Validation Support, currently supported with Dialogflow,, Amazon Lex and more.

The Botium Box Live Chat features support for additional multimedia content delivered as standardivzed “Adaptive Cards” and Markdown.

We built a new connector for NLP.js and added plenty of conversation testing features to the existing connectors (such as HTTP/JSON endpoint polling to support asynchronous delivery models).

And on the infrastructure side, we optimized processing of large test sets with several ten thousands of test cases.

New Documentation and Tutorials:

New in Botium Stack: Botium Speech Processing

For testing voice apps, Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech processing is one of the basic building blocks. Botium Speech Processing combines the best Open Source speech processing tools in a single service and makes them accessible with a HTTP/JSON API.

Read on here.

Includes Botium Core 1.7.5

Breaking Changes

  • Retry functionality is now available for several operations, see Botium Wiki


  • #433 Generic HTTP/JSON connector support for endpoint polling
  • #432 New NLP asserter for entity content
  • #435 Rate limiting to throttle chatbot traffic, useful for cloud-based APIs with limited access


  • #436 Extended retry behaviour for asserters and logic hooks retry
  • #437 Decompilation support for cards and carousels

Botium CLI and Botium Bindings

Botium Connectors

New in Botium Box:

  • BOT-970 Additionally supporting Cards (Carousels, Adaptive Cards, Hero Cards, …) in our “Save conversation as Test Case” designer
  • BOT-972 Live Chat now supports Adaptive Cards and Markdown
  • BOT-132 Option to check connectivity with cloud device providers like Saucelabs

  • BOT-847 Syntax highlighting for Javascript hooks

Infrastructure Enhancements

  • BOT-1006 We optimized some internals in Botium Box to support huge test sets with ten thousands of single test cases

  • Only available in Botium Platform (enterprise plan)