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2019–10–03: Botium Box v1.8 out now

Botium Box 1.8 is the last release before we will switch to Botium Box 2.0 end of october.

For the 1.8, we added 3 new Botium connectors (for, for QnAMaker, and for Wipro Holmes). Our Dialogflow connector now supports KnowledgeBases (a Beta feature in Dialogflow), and manipulation of context variables in BotiumScript. With our Directline connector you can now add your custom channel data with BotiumScript.

For making your life as test author easier, BotiumScript is now supporting a new matching mode “wildcard”, which is a kind of low key regular expression, and we added several more features to support advanced testing scenarios.

For NLP afficinados, Botium Box now shows recognized intents and entities in the conversation transcript and in the Excel exports. Managing your Botium Box Agent grid is now easier with a centralized status overview and ping function.

We invested quite some work into advanced options for Git repository integration, with SSH keys and HTTP(s) proxies. And last but not least, the usual productivity enhancement based on our customer’s feedback are included as well.

New Documentation and Tutorials:

Includes Botium Core 1.6


  • #370 Allow negative matching for asserters (use "!" for negation)
  • #377 Apply matching for non-string values
  • #380 Allow single convo test sets (pointing convo directory to single file)
  • #384 Support for YAML input files, see here
  • #386 New SCRIPTING_MATCHING_MODE wildcard as simplified regular expression matcher, see here
  • #388 Response length asserter, see here
  • #392 Use environment variables in scripting functions
  • #395 Use scripting memory variables for assertions


  • #371 More flexible capability parsing for SimpleReset connector, see here
  • #396 Error message not complete (convo header overwritten)

Botium Connectors

  • In cooperation with Wipro we built a Botium connector for their Artificial Intelligence & Automation Platform Wipro HOLMES.
  • We built a new Botium connector for Facebooks
  • We built a new Botium connector for Microsofts QnaMaker
  • We updated our Dialogflow connector
    • #15 Manipulation of context variables with BotiumScript, see here
    • #16 Added support for Dialogflow knowledge bases, see here
  • We updated our Directline connector
    • #28 Manipulation of channel data with BotiumScript, see here

New in Conversation Testing

  • BOT-770 HTTP Timeout configuration for the Hyperlink Asserter Hyperlink Response Asserter (Enterprise)
  • BOT-765 Support for YAML input files, see Composing in YAML Files
  • BOT-817 New matching mode wildcard as simplified regular expression matcher, see here
  • BOT-467 Excel export for test results includes NLP intents and entities *

New in Botium Box:

  • BOT-692 Extracting Scripting Memory tables from Excel files
  • BOT-751 Visualizing negative assertions in the conversation transcript
  • BOT-744 Define your custom hooks for adapting the test result downloads *
  • BOT-773 In Quickstart, use your own naming conventions for test projects
  • BOT-622 Global tag filter for organizing your Botium Box data
  • BOT-803 Visualizing identified NLP intents and entities in the conversation transcript
  • BOT-810 Optionally delete whole test set at once

Infrastructure Enhancements

  • BOT-761 Security enhancement: hand over default password on database seed by environment variable
  • BOT-452 Visualization of Botium Box Agents status and outage
  • BOT-716 Automatically cancel test cases running too long
  • BOT-771 Run single test session in debug mode for troubleshooting
  • BOT-583 Enhanced Git repository integration, see Git Repository Integration *
    • Supporting HTTP(S) proxies for Git with username/password authentication
    • Supporting Git SSH keys for Git authentication
  • BOT-701 Seamless switching between different Botium Box editions
  • BOT-820 Kill stuck test jobs on request
  • BOT-818 Ping Botium Box Agent on request
  • BOT-826 Load Botium Box license key from file

* Only available in Botium Platform (enterprise plan)