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2019–06–22: Botium Box v1.7 out now

Our integration with ZAP now allows continuous security testing of your chatbot endpoints. Together with the Performance and Stress Testing module from last release Botium now supports the most important test types. We have a new connector for Botkit users, and worked hard on Botiums Alexa support. And last but not least, you can now automatically generate test cases out of the interaction model of your chatbot (works for Watson, Dialogflow, Alexa).

New Documentation and Tutorials:

Includes Botium Core 1.5.1:

  • BOT-633: More flexibility in developing your own HTTP/JSON Connector with additional hooks
  • And some Bugfixes (BOT-649, BOT-627, BOT-637)

Additional connector features:

  • BOT-591 Add Support for Dialogflow Entity struct values
  • BOT-609 WebdriverIO add support for more flexible button selectors
  • BOT-615 Alexa SMAPI import test cases from interaction model
  • BOT-648 Add Botkit Websockets connector to Botium (community contribution)

New in Botium Box:

  • BOT-540: Continuous Security Testing with ZAP (see here for instructions) *

* BOT-595: All Test Cases are now executed **in own child processes** for more stable Botium Agent execution * BOT-618: Configuration of **BotiumScript Excel format** * BOT-640: Manage i**ndividual permissions for API Keys** * BOT-568 **Importer for database content** Additional conversation testing features:

  • BOT-619 Flexible Test Case Export options in Live Chat
  • BOT-642 Show media attachments in Live Chat (for Alexa, the actual audio conversation)

* BOT-654 Integrate test cases importers into Botium Box (see chatbot capabilities) * Only available in Botium Platform (enterprise plan)