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2019–05–23: Botium Box v1.6 out now

We worked on several productivity and navigation enhancements in the Botium Box and supporting additional file formats (CSV, …). We built a new connector for Rasa and provide advanced diagnostics by showing the message source code in the Live Chat and the Test Case transcripts. And finally, we are proud to introduce a new Botium chapter with Performance and Stress Testing!

New Documentation and Tutorials:

Includes Botium Core 1.4.14:

  • BOT-539: Additional simplified Excel Convo Parser (one question and one answer per line)
  • BOT-561: Advanced scripting support in the HTTP/JSON Connector
  • BOT-68: New CSV file format for authoring convos
  • BOT-590: Additional exporter formats (including CSV) for Botium CLI
  • And some Bugfixes (BOT-594, BOT-564, BOT-538)

Additional connector features:

  • BOT-528: Custom activity types and message types for the Botium Directline Connector
  • BOT-529: Advanced detection of buttons in custom message types in the Botium Directline Connector
  • BOT-537: New Botium Rasa Connector

New in Botium Box:

  • BOT-42: Performance and Stress Testing *
  • BOT-587: Set Test Set Dependencies to simplify complex test case design scenarios
  • BOT-366: Added BotiumScript features configuration options to Test Set view
  • BOT-570: Extended diagnostics option in the Live Chat and the Test Case Transcript (view message source)
  • BOT-569: Added support for NLP/NLU detection in the Live Chat
  • Several productivity and navigation enhancements
    • BOT-572: remember navigation state in table view
    • BOT-571: show linked test projects and test results on Test Set view
    • BOT-554: make dashboard cleaner

Additional conversation testing features:

  • BOT-29: Optionally stop test execution on first failure (bail)
  • BOT-174: new capability type JS (for adding Javascript snippets)

* Only available in Botium Platform (enterprise plan)