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2019–04–29: Botium Box v1.5 out now

We worked on test data management, improved avoidance of flaky test results, integrated a new device cloud (Experitest), and extended diagnostics options. Additionally, we heavily improved the Directline connector and the IBM Watson connector. And, the highlight: with the latest enhancements on Git integration, we now support a fully versioned test case development process.

Includes Botium Core 1.4.12:

Additional connector features:

  • Supporting session attributes in the Lex connector
  • Handling custom activity types and form submits with our Directline connector
  • Support for Watson Skills and Assistantans with the latest IBM Watson connector

New in Botium Box:

  • Fully versioned test case development process with local and remote repositories *
  • Extended diagnostics option by using a verbose mode on the Botium agents
  • With Experitest we added an additional device cloud provider to our partnerships

Additional conversation testing features:

  • Support HTML rendering in the live chat and the test report
  • Manage test data separate from your test cases with a new file type and a separate Excel section

* Only available in Botium Platform (enterprise plan)