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2019–02–11: Botium Box v1.1 out now

The highlights are 3 (!!!) new connectors and additional predefined test cases for security testing and GDPR compliance.

Includes Botium Core 1.4.8 with new connectors:

  • Microsoft LUIS
  • Amazon LEX
  • Google Assistant

Additional connector features:

  • Webdriver with Bot Framework Webchat v4 support
  • Directline 3 (Microsoft Bot Framework) “Suggested Actions”
  • NLP assertions (intent resolution, intent confidence, entity extraction) for Dialogflow, Watson, LUIS

Additional predefined datasets:

  • Penetration testing with OWASP-based testsets (XSS Injection, SQL Injection) and Facebook webhook security exploit*
  • GDPR testset*

Additional conversation testing features:

  • Simulation of button clicks and media uploads for applicable connectors
  • Migrating Botium Core configuration files to Botium Box
  • Test result downloads as Excel/CSV*

* Only available in Botium Platform (enterprise plan)